Reforestaton in Europe

Planting 1 Million Trees in Europe Per Year: Join the Green Revolution!


Campaign Description:

At One Terrene International (OTI) and SMILIFY.EU, we have launched an ambitious environmental campaign to restore and revive Europe's natural landscapes. With the goal of planting 1 million trees in Europe every year, we are calling upon individuals, organizations, and nature enthusiasts to join us in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Our planet is facing pressing challenges, including deforestation and climate change. By supporting our campaign, you become an integral part of the solution, actively contributing to the restoration and preservation of our natural habitats. Together, we can make a profound impact on the environment, benefiting both present and future generations.

Reverse Recycling

Title: Recycling Revolution: Join the Reverse Vending Campaign

Campaign Description:

We are thrilled to introduce an innovative and impactful project that will revolutionize recycling while benefiting everyone. Our campaign aims to install reverse vending machines in highly accessible public spaces, including parks, universities, schools, supermarkets, malls, and other high-foot-traffic areas. Together, we can make recycling easy, rewarding, and a part of our daily lives.