How it works

 How SMILIFY.EU WorksHow It Works 1659966443

We have made the process as simple as possible for you. 

  1. You can browse the different campaigns that are available for support in each available category (ex. Animals, Education, Community, Environment, Innovation etc).
  2. While scrolling through the campaigns you can read about the causes and ideas with more information about the specific campaigns. 
  3. Then if you are happy and willing to support the campaign, simply click on the Donate Now button and follow the onscreen steps, complete the necessary information and support with the amount you want the campaigns of your choosing. 
  4. Then Share and Follow the campaign!

You can show your name or donate anonymously.  It’s that simple!

Reward yourself with a Smilify Badge 
We could spend thousands to build a system that would reward our supporters with a badge or we could let you choose your own badge and use it proudly.  We chose to let you decide which badge you want, and we are sure you will wear them proudly.  Select any of the below badges and use them as profile pictures or put them on your social media sites.  And even if you can't donate anything now, sharing our causes is just as good.  Remember smiling is contagious, so let's Smilify Everyone!

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